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Smart Strength is the app to help you plan your workouts. It's focus is on getting out of your way.

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Smart Strength Features

A smarter way to record workouts

Built to be simple to use and focused on people who know what their doing in the gym.


Built to accompany you while you workout. Easily create a workout on the go.


Add videos, comments and pictures to each set and rep so you have an accurate log of how each exercise went

Share Workouts

Share your workouts with friends and family on social media, and see how your friends are doing.

Multiple Platforms

Access and record your workouts on the web, desktop and phone.

“I love how easy Smart Strength allows me to organise my videos along with my workouts. I can quickly go back to a day and see if my form improved. It's been so easy to share with my coach. ”

Judith Black

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Getting stronger is not guaranteed. Remember it's an app at the end of the day. It won't exercise for you.

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