What's New

New updates and improvements to Smart Strength

Free Workout builder

You can now access our workout builder for free without signing up. Start creating your workouts now.

This is similar to the workout builder within Smart Strength. However, some key features are missing that only work when you create an account.

Camera Icon

On your public profile page, you will now see an icon indicating whether your workout contains any videos.

This is useful when you share your public profile with friends.

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Public Profile

We have just launched public profiles. 

You can now share a public page with all your work_outs on them for others to see. 

You have fine-grained control. If there are workouts you don't want the world to see, you can press the "eye" button, and that will hide them. 

Your workouts are private unless you share them or press the "eye" button, so you don't have to worry about random people viewing your workout videos. 

Preview Before You send

You now have the ability to preview your workout before you send it. Thanks to Smart Strength genius member Hannah for the idea.

How to Record and Organise Your Workout Videos with Smart Strength

We have just published a new blog post about how to record and organise your workouts via Smart Strength.

You can read it by clicking here