How to Record and Organise Your Workout Videos with Smart Strength

William Kennedy

Published on 2 min read
Smart Strength makes this recording and organising your workouts easy.

First things first, you need to download the app and make sure it’s installed on your phone. 
 Next, you need to create an account. 
 After that, you are ready to use Smart Strength to add your workout videos to your workouts. 
 In your workout builder page, after you have added some workout exercises with some sets, click the Menu button(the one with the three dots),
 Press that button
Menu Button

 Next, you click the Log button, a modal will appear.

Exercise Log

Press the Choose File button, and you can then upload a video from your gallery. 
Hit Save, and you are done. 
It’s as easy as that. 
You can upload one video for each set. 
Smart Strength becomes pretty useful when you look back on your form later on. 

If you want to delete a workout video, hit the three dots menu button again > Click Log > Hit X button for the image.
 You can even share your workout with your coach and friends. 
 Hit the share button at the top right, and you can send it to whoever you like. 

Share Button

 They will not get to edit the workout. Instead, the people you shared with will see an overview of each exercise with its sets, videos and any comments you made. 

Sharing workouts with your friends, coaches and family means that you can get feedback on everything you’ve done.

Note: It's slightly different on iOS. 

Smart Strength is currently in beta. You can sign up here.